Who I am When I’m Dominant

My dominant side is truly still very new, but in recent months I’ve discovered some of what I desire from someone’s submission to me and why. I know there is a lot more for me to uncover about this side of myself and I am excited to find it! For the moment, I’ll talk about what I know now and when I get to be more experienced and educated on this side of things I will make an updated post.

What do I want in a submissive?

I honestly would love to have multiple submissives with different roles. One thing I want in at least one submissive, is the ability and willingness to let me have control (all negotiated and consensual with avoidance of accidental abuse or harm in mind). I often feel that I could really improve someone’s life if they would just let me tell them what to do, but obviously that’s not how most people want to live their lives. I also could never satisfy that need in a relationship with someone who wants that independence because that would be abusive and horrible, but if someone out there wants to give up control and let me tell them what to do, I will do it. I would always have their best interest in mind and would make choices for them that would benefit them. I love control and if I can consensually and healthily have that with someone I would feel awesome. When my choices result in good things for my sub I could feel so rewarded. I would be happy to take on that responsibility one day. Some ideas I have for this type of relationship are the submissive giving me a written request to go anywhere with friends and things like that, she lets me control her spending and saving, or even her food intake. Of course if at any time the sub wanted a break they could just say the safe word, let me know, and I’d let them go do their thing. I guess I feel kind of guilty for wanting these things sometimes? I know that’s common, but I’d love some validation 😂. I know it’s because I’m a control freak and I like helping people. It’s a strong mixture of the two.

Another type of submissive I’d like in my life is someone with a service side. This one I think almost everyone can understand. Who wouldn’t want someone to cook them dinner, massage their feet, or go out and run errands for them? All while the submissive probably is enjoying at least some aspect of it! That just sounds like fun and a nice stress reliever! Sometimes I’m too anxious to leave the house, but if I had a sub who ran errands for me, I could send them out and still get my errands done! That’s another way that BDSM could help me function!

The next kind of submissive I’m interested in having are the kind that want you to “use them” sexually. I want to have a sub who will pleasure me whenever I want (again consent, negotiation, and safety are key here). This is another one of those “who wouldn’t want that”. I would still care for her and make sure she knows she’s not an object to me.

Having all of these traits in one or more submissive would also be pretty awesome!

Having a pet could be fun and having a little would be interesting. If you read my last post you know that as a submissive I am a little. That means that I know how much responsibility comes with having a little. I know I couldn’t handle the type of responsibility that comes with having a little right now, but maybe one day I could.

When it comes to dominant skills I’d like to learn, I’m super interested in Rope Bondage. You guys may see some pictures related to that here soon! 🙂

If there’s anything specific you want to know about me or want me to write about here, let me know!

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